Benefits of off-grid


Off-grid solar systems allows you full controll of your independent electricity output and provide the following.

1. Independent soure

2. Reduced or no electricity bills

3. No more load-shedding


With our solar systems you can maintain your home or business. Utilizing consistant and a reliable energy source. Eliminating the risk of load-shedding and inflated electricity bills.


Functions of the Off-grid system:

During the day your home & business will be powered via the Pv panels and in the evenings your system will run of deep cycle batteries.


Purchacing of this product will include the following:

  • Panels x 12
  • Cables and connecters
  • Rotory switch
  • Batteries x 4-8
  • Inverter 6KW
  • Ac, Dc switches
  • Installation

Benefits of grid-tie


Grid-tie system allows you to utilise independent electricity during the day and automatically switch back to eskom provided electricity in the evenings.

1. This option can reduce your electricity bill up to 50%

2. With a grid-tie system your primary source of electricity will still be eskom.


Functions of the Grid-tie:

During the day your home & business will be powered via pv panels and in the evenings when no UVis available eskom will be the main source.


Purchacing of this product will include the following:

Panels x 10


Rotory switch

Cables and connecters.

Ac, Dc switches



Benefit of a Hybrid


A Hybrid system is a standalone battery bank and can be utilised by either automatically switching it to the battery bank or switches over when load-shedding occurs.


Functions of the Hybrid:

This system uses eskom electricity to charge the batteries when there is a power failure.


Purchacing of this product will include the following:

12volt 230amp deep cycle batteries


Cables and connecters

Ac, Dc switches


PV Geyser  

Benefits of a PV Geyser


A Pv geyser allows you full control of saving on your electricity bill, this system will not only save money on hot summer days, This system utilizes UV, there for the system will work on cloudy days.


The functions of a PV Geyser:

This system works during the daytime, the element will be taken out of the geyser. and be replaced by an AC/DC element, with the panels on the roof Energy will then be collected into the element and energy will heat the DC side of the element.


Purchasing of this product will include the following:

3 x 255watt Pv panels

Ac/Dc teflon Element

Cables and connecters


Best of both  

Benefits of Smart Setup


Multi -function Inverter, eskom or Pv panels. This system is best of both worlds. You can use it as you wish or just use it as a back up system.


The functions of a Smart Setup:

This system can use any of the following souces to rechage the batteries on your system, eskom or Pv panels.

Eskom is still the main souce of electricity.

This system will get 2-10 panels, all depends on your battery bank.

The panels will only charge the batteries in the daytime, the panels will not provide your house with electricity.

So whatever you use from the batteries, the panels will only top up the batteries.

When there is a power failer the system will kick in and you will still be functionel in your home or office.


Purchacing of this product will include the following:

2-10 x 255watt Pv panels

Ac,Dc switches


Rotory switch

Cables and connecters


Heat Pump  

Benefits of heat pump


In brief; energy is extracted from the ambient air using a finned-coil heat exchanger, also
known as an evaporator, using a refrigerant at low pressure and temperature as the
working fluid inside the tubes. This refrigerant is then compressed to a high pressure and
temperature by an electrically driven compressor. The high pressure refrigerant is then
circulated through a refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger, also known as a condenser.
Here energy is exchanged with water, at a lower temperature, thus heating the water to
temperatures in the region of 60°C. The refrigerant leaving the condenser is then
expanded back to a low pressure by using an expansion valve before it enters the
evaporator to start the cycle once more.


Benefits of solar panels


Solar energy is not only sustainable, it is renewable and this means that we will never run out of it. It is about as natural a source of power as it is possible to generate electricity. The creation of solar energy requires little maintenance.

Battery Pack  

Benefits of Battery Pack


Plug in and Play battery back up

Uses Eskom electricity to recharge 1 - 2 batteries


The function of the Mecer inverter:

This Simple system is easy to use.

It could be used for camping and house holds

The 720w inverter can keep some lights and television runing for 3 to 4 hours

The 1440w inverter can keep most appliances runnig for up to 5 to 7 hours