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How to start off and grow independent from Eskom

The starting point will be to take your geyser or geysers of the Eskom grid.


Here you will start with the basic PV Solar system with a Dual MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker).


Depending on the size of the geyser 2 or 3 PV (Photovoltaic) panel will be assigned to the geyser. This will normally be the start, PV panels can be added to the roof and these panels will be connected to the secondary connection of the Dual MPPT, from here it is stored in a battery bank, from the batteries it is transfer via an Inverter to your BP board.


The number of PV panels and batteries will depend on the power you want to generate.




Please note that althou it is possible to be totally independent, it is a costly proses and a system with an Eskom back up is the most cost effective method.




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