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Product Warranty



Most geysers have a 5-year warranty, we mainly work with GAP, Kwikot and Heat-tech geysers.


All suppliers have its own set of warranties and will normally be as follow:


Please Note:


1. All installations must be carried out by, and signed off by a PIRB accredited Installer. Failure to do so will render the Warranty Null and Void.


2. All installations must comply with SANS 10254.


3. The Geyser Warranty applies to geysers only, all other components supplied by, and forming part of the system, but not manufactured by the geyser manufacturer, carry their own Warranty provided by their respective Manufactures.


The geyser comes with a comprehensive one (1) year part and labour warranty and guarantee to replace the geyser if the inner tank of the geyser fails within (5) years of installation. Element and thermostat carries a one (1) year warranty.


Where a geyser or a component of the geyser is replaced, the balance of any original Warranty or Replacement Guaranty period will remain effective. The replacement geyser or part does not carry any additional warranty or replacement guarantee.


The period of Warranty is from date of Installation, providing the documented proof of Installation and sale is furnished, or alternatively, from date of manufacturer, as determined from the serial plate code on the geyser.


The following conditions apply:


1. The Warranty only applies to defects, which have arisen solely due to faulty materials or workmanship during the manufacturing process or the geyser.


2. The warranty does not cover:


a. Elements burnt out through commissioning without water.


b. Burnouts due to loose electrical connections.


c. Fair wear and tear.


d. Misuse, abuse or negligent use of the geyser.


e. Any attempt to self-repair the geyser, tampering or defacing the serial plate.


f. Excessive pressure – where the incorrect pressure control valve is used, or if the pressure control valve fails. Geyser requires a 400Kpa pressure valve.


g. Where a non-approved solar collector, Heat Pump or PV Solar is connected to the geyser.


h. Electrical geyser not installed in roof or under cover.


3. Geysers are fitted with sacrificial magnesium anode, which protects the water tank. Replacements of the anode should be carried out at the appropriate intervals, determined by the water quality in the area, which your water authorities can advise.


NB: Failure of timeous replacement may result in permanent damage to the geyser and voiding of warranty.