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Understanding the working of a


Pump-Circulated (Split) Solar System

The practical working of pump system is as follow:


The geyser wise is the brain of the system and monitors and controls everything.


Geyser Wise Controls


It has 2 temperature props, one monitors the temperature in the collector panel and the other the temperature in the geyser. When the temperature of the water in the collector panel is 7°C greater than the water in the geyser, the geyser wise will start the circulation pump. Allowing the warmer water to flow to the geyser. Once the water temperature in the collector panel drop to 3°C greater than the water temperature in the geyser the geyser wise will stop the pump and wait for the water temperature in the collector panel to once again reach the 7°C difference. This proses will repeat itself over and over.




On a beautiful summer day, it is possible for the sun to heat up the water temperature in the geyser to 80°C, depending on the size of the geyser and the water that is drawn from it.


As back-up, the geyser wise can be set to ensure that you are never without warm water. It is a general rule of thumb that the geyser wise is set to come on 2 hours before you want to take a shower. If the sun has not heated the water as per your request the geyser wise will allow the usage of electricity and in the case where the sun has heated the water to you required temperature, no electricity will be used.


My staff and I would gladly communicate the working of our Solar Water Heating system with you in greater detail. You can also ask us a question below.


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